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Get Your Feet Wet and Serve the Community at the Same Time!

Whether you have had your license for a brief time or have had it for a while and just have not gotten around to volunteering, we want your help. There are opportunities for every Ham of any level of experience.

We operate under the premise that volunteering should be fun as well as meaningful. The agencies we are fortunate enough to be aligned with have the same outlook and treat their Ham Radio volunteers very well. We, as Hams will be primarily filling the needs for health and welfare communication during the event. Although we keep our conversations short, so more serious messages can get through, there is no need to learn formal traffic handling or special communications protocols of any kind before helping out.

If the lack of equipment is holding you back, we have a limited number of ‘loaner’ radios to help alleviate that problem. Or, if you just acquired a new rig at the auction or hamfest and need to know more about it, our Corp of experienced operators can help you set it up and be ready to operate at the event.

Often, those new to public service events work with experienced Ham volunteers until they are comfortable using the radio themselves. There is no one ‘right’ way to do everything at public service events. The type of event; walk, bike, run, etc. will often determine the types of places we need to be to help and make it easy to get set up.

Of course, it is always OK to ask questions. New ideas are always welcome and valued especially in our post event survey. The survey allows Hams, as a group, to express what went well, not so well and what opportunities there are for improvement.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of volunteering for public service, please click the "Contact Me" button and some one will do just that. We’ll be happy to learn your thoughts on this form of service to our community.

To get started send your: call sign, name, telephone number and best time to contact to the our Public Service Coordinator at



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