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Amateur Radio Licensing Courses

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 Get Your Ham License or Upgrade to the Next Level!
Next Series Starts Early 2024!

Are you interested in getting your ham license or upgrading to the next level but are not sure you can pass the exam without help? You can bet you are not alone; and RaRa is ready to help with instructors standing by. For 2024, our licensing courses are planned to be held online and will run for ten weeks. We are using the ARRL License Manuals for all of our classes, which are available for purchase through RaRa.

Licensing courses are FREE to current RaRa members. Testing is FREE. Our classes are scheduled to end just before a RaRa VE testing session.

Not a current RaRa member? Membership starts at FREE for students and $15 for regular members! (click here for details)

Winter 2024 License Classes

Classes to be announced, first quart 2024:

•  Technician

•  General

•  Amateur Extra

All classes will be online via Zoom. If you are interested in taking one of these classes in the, please contact the education coordinator. To get started, please email

The instructors will be using the ARRL Licensing manual:


If you need one, you can order it direct by clicking on the manual above or it can be purchased at a general meeting at a rate of $25.00 please make checks payable to RaRa, or have exact change.

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