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Quick Operating Reference:

ARRL Band Plan:

Color Chart (as of 9/22/2017) (PDF shows allocated frequencies and privileges)

The Considerate Operator’s Frequency Guide (PDF)

ARRL Band Plan (site link)

Local Information:

Rochester NY Area Repeater Listing (PDF -- revised 06/05/2018) 

Monroe County (NY) Amateur Radio (


Local Area Nets

There are many local nets in and around the Rochester, NY area.  The nets are always looking for new check-ins so give it a try.

Livingston County Net Saturday 8:00 PM 147.030 + (PL 110.9) AA2GV    
Monroe County ARES/RACES Net (1) Thursday 7:00 PM 146.610 - (PL 110.9) N2MPE    
Ontario County ARES/RACES Net Sunday 8:00 PM 145.450 - (PL 110.9) W2ONT    
Orleans County Net Tuesday 9:00 PM 145.270 - (PL 141.3) WA2DQL    
ROC City Net Sunday 7:30 PM 145.110 - (PL 110.9) WR2AHL WR2ROC-R 8058
ROC City Net Wednesday 8:00 PM 3.826  (LSB) Simplex    
Rochester VHF Group 2M Net Monday 9:00 PM 144.260  (USB) Simplex    
Rochester VHF Group 6M Net Thursday 9:00 PM 50.200 (USB) Simplex    
The AWA Net Monday 7:00 PM 145.110 - (PL 110.9) WR2AHL WR2ROC-R 8058
The Radio Wave Net Monday 7:30 PM 146.655 – (PL 110.9) WR2ROC    
Wayne County ARES Net Sunday 8:35 PM 146.685 - (PL 71.9) WA2EMO    
Western District Net (ARRL NTS) Tues - Sun 9:30 PM 145.390 - (PL 0.0) K2XZ    
Western District Net (ARRL NTS) Monday 9:30 PM 146.640 - (PL 0.0) K2XZ    
Wyoming County ARES Net Saturday 12:00 PM 147.315 + (PL 141.3) WA2CAM    
XRX ARC Net (2) Thursday 8:00 PM 145.290 – (PL 110.9) W2XRX    
(1) Every Thursday except meeting night which is typically the 4th Thursday of the month
(2) Net meets the 1st and 4th Thursday of the month

Internet Radio

Internet radio is a great way for new hams to reach other states and countries beyond the local 2M VHF range.  It is also handy to use when the HF bands are not cooperating.  All you need is a Technician license to use some of the programs noted below. 

Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)

Call Sign Lookup


Vanity Call Signs [ add others]

If you get tired of your current call sign and feel the need to change then the two web sites below are good places to start.

Information on Vanity Call Signs

License & Certificate Printing

AE7Q License Generator
Radio QTH License Certificate Creator

QSL Cards

Making the contact is half the fun.  The other half is confirming the contact.  Confirmations can be done by exchanging QSL cards via the mail or electronically via the web at "Logbook of the World" or "eQSL".

ARRL Incoming QSL Service
ARRL Outgoing QSL Service
Logbook of the World

Ham Radio Podcasts

Here are some educational and entertaining ham radio related podcasts available on the internet. 

AmateurLogic.TV  (Video)
Amateur Radio Newsline
ARRL Audio News
HamNation  (Video)
Ham Radio Now  (Video)
HQA Radio  (Video)
ICQ Podcast
K7AGE You Tube  (Video)
Linux in the Ham Shack
Radio Amateur Information Network
The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast

Ham Radio Vendors

This is a small list of ham radio equipment vendors from across the country.  This is not an endorsement for any particular vendor; just an example of what's to be found by Googling "Ham Radio Supplies". 

Five Dash Inc. Kits — SDR
Four State QRP Group Kits — QRP
GigaParts Range of Gear and DIY
Ham City Ham Radio Gear
Ham Radio Outlet Ham Radio Gear
HobbyPCB Kits — HF, VHF, Arduino
KJI Electronics Ham Radio Gear
MFJ Enterprises Antenna, Support Equipment
Pacific Antenna Kits
QRPme Kits — QRP
R&L Electronics Ham Radio Gear
Radio City Ham Radio Gear
Texas Towers Antennas
The Ham Station New and Used Gear
Universal Radio New and Used Gear

Radio Control & Logging Software

Software is available that can be connected to many of the newer HF radios. The software can control the functions of the radio and also log your contacts while automatically recording the frequency, time, and mode.

Ham Radio Deluxe

Logbook Uploading

There are a number of websites where you can upload your logbook. LoTW and eQSL offer awards for confirmed contacts. Other sites are a way to share your logbook with others.

Club Log
CQ Friends
Logbook of the World

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