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Amateur Radio Help Requested
Ironman / Musselman Triathlon
July 14th


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SIARC is coordinating ham radio volunteers for the Musselman Triathlon on July 14th. Are there other Rochester-area hams who would like to assist?

For details, see the link above.

The information from Tom, KB2NCI follows:

I appreciate your volunteering to help with this event. At this point, there are only the 5 of us on the team of radio operators. We will be covering 3 Bike Water Stops on the course (same locations as last year) and a sweep position to follow the last rider around the course. If anyone else steps up, we can add safety spots along the course.

If anyone wants to volunteer for the sweep position, please let me know so I don't have to pick someone. If no one is interested in doing that, I would ask for someone to act as Net Control in the Welcome Center and I will act as sweep. I am fine doing that, if we need to.

I drove the course last week and the following repeaters will work for us and I have permission to use them for the day.

We will be using the W2ACC 145.130-(110.9) repeater in Romulus and K2ZG 146.895-(107.2) repeater which is in between Watkins Glen and Ithaca and works well for the lower portion of the course.

Please program both repeaters into your radios and then check-in upon arrival at your post for the best one. NCS can monitor both repeaters at the same time, so either one will work.

You will need to have a mobile radio for most transmissions. A hand held will work for monitoring radio traffic, but is not the best to rely on for transmissions.

For more information or to register to help please contact:

Tom Sanders KB2NCI 585-430-9850

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