Rochester Amateur Radio Association, Inc.

Since 1931

PO  Box  93333, Rochester  NY, 14692

Telephone Hotline: (585) 210-8910

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Welcome to RARA

The Rochester Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (RARA) is a widely diversified, highly active amateur radio club located in Rochester, NY. We were founded in 1931, and incorporated in September of 1960. Currently, with over 700 active members, we are one of the largest Amateur Radio clubs in North America; including many international members. Almost 1 in every 1,000 licensed hams is a member of RaRa! Our annual Hamfest attracts thousands of attendees from far and wide.

RARA provides a unifying focal point for much of the amateur radio activity in Western New York. Focusing on education, entertainment, and camaraderie.

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Public Service

RARA also excels in many other areas of amateur endeavor. Many RARA members, in cooperation with ARES and RACES, provide reliable communications during disasters and other emergencies at the local and national level. RARA members participate in excess of two dozen public service events each year. Our extensive Public Service activities help build public awareness and goodwill towards Amateur Radio, provide needed communications to worthy charities and non-profit organizations, all while fostering and enhancing emergency communication preparedness.


For many years, RARA has sponsored spring and fall licensing courses in the greater Rochester area. These courses cover all license classes and provide many opportunities to prepare for a license or upgrade.

Testing Sessions

License testing sessions are held monthly, September through May, by our dedicated RARA Volunteer Examiner Team. These examination sessions are given for all levels and elements of licenses. The May testing session is held in conjunction with our annual Hamfest.

Meetings and Guest Speakers

RARA meets regularly on the first Friday of every month; our meetings are held at the Seneca Waterways Council, BSA HQ, 2320 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd, Rochester, NY 14623. Additional club gatherings include our Rochester Hamfest, summer family picnic, fall banquet, and winter cabin party.

Each month a new and interesting guest speaker joins us to entertain and educate, covering a broad spectrum of topics.  Topics range from the highly technical, pushing the boundaries of amateur radio, to the non-technical, practical and fun for the whole family.

Our Officers and Directors are continually searching for new programs, projects, and fun social activities to keep interest high and give members the opportunity to become better acquainted. Anyone interested in amateur radio is encouraged to attend any of our meetings.


RARA is the proud producer of the Rochester Hamfest, the largest in the region, attracting thousands of attendees and filling acres of flea market space. The Rochester Hamfest is a major club activity attracting international visitors from Canada and Europe.

Associated Clubs

Many RARA members enjoy one or more special interests within amateur radio. We are very fortunate to have so many special interest clubs in the area to be associated with. These include: The Antique Wireless Association, Rochester DX Association (RDXA), Rochester Institute of Technology ARC, Rochester Radio Repeater Association (RRRA)Rochester VHF Group, Webster High School ARC, and the XRX Amateur Radio Club.

Additional Member Benefits and Club Activities

RARA provides the following additional benefits, services, and activities...

  • Free admission to the Rochester Hamfest!
  • Free admission to our exclusive Members Only Auction in November.
  • Free admission, food, and drink at our summer picnic and winter cabin party. - It's fun for your whole family!
  • Free amateur radio licensing courses.
  • Free amateur radio license testing.
  • Monthly newsletter: The RARA Rag
  • Monthly meetings featuring an educational and entertaining presentation by a guest speaker.
  • Monthly socials - a great opportunity to meet your friends, and make new ones!
  • Annual club banquet
  • Reduced rates for ARRL membership and renewal.
  • Members earn "points" that are redeemable towards a variety of rewards.

Membership starts at only $10.00 and is Free for students! (click here for details)

The Rochester Amateur Radio Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Educational Corporation
Updated: December 26, 2016